Riding the content wave

Those who tell stories rule society.
— Plato


The tide has turned for writers. We have entered an age thirsty for creativity and content to engage audiences across multiple channels. 

This demand has inspired a return to my roots and the arrival of my latest project, Verbology. I was always a pretty decent writer and actually kicked off my career in journalism, employed on Brisbane's The Courier-Mail after graduating with a degree in political science and journalism. I was destined to be a political reporter and might have been okay at it, had the restlessness that has ruled my career path not had me yearning for something more.

I have a passion for constant change, always wanting to push the envelope a bit and make a statement. So my career has been sprinkled with a number of 'firsts' driven by different thinking around gaining a share of voice. I talk about some of those things on the 'Projects' page on this website

I have led communications and marketing programs that have taken me around Australia and the Asia-Pacific region for employers and clients whose brands are, or were, household names. In many instances, they have been programs and events that I have taken from concept to execution. 

My other passions are technology, science and environment. This has led me to, not only design campaigns and write on these topics, but also to lead customer-facing IT platform implementations to improve communications capabilities and results for a variety of businesses.

It has only been in the latter part of my career that I have recognised that the core skill of writing that I have suppressed in the interest of pursuing 'greater things' over my career, is actually the talent that has delivered the experiences that I have enjoyed. 

It is use of language on which I have built my success. It can equally be turned to aiding you and your business to achieve your goals.

could I fill that gap in the skills matrix on your board?

I am interested in board positions aligned to my experience, skills and interests. I am willing to consider both commercial and not-for-profit opportunities. If you would like to discuss your challenges and requirements, please contact me.


Giving back

Part of the Verbology project is it presents an opportunity for me to give back after years of well-rewarded commercial writing. I will consider small pro bono projects to help out not-for-profit causes for which I am passionate and feel I have something to offer. Just hit the Take Action' button in the main menu, outline your request or need for consideration.


Helping realise your vision

I understand that start-up businesses are often short of cash and battle to secure professional assistance in taking their business to the world. New business owners also like to work alongside people with ‘skin in the game’, where reward is linked to success. I am prepared to consider proposals from start-up enterprises that offer equity in return for professional services and/or board positions.

Getting down to the detail

Okay, so how does story telling fit into how you reach out to your audience?