USA and Canada photography


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Manhattan skyline.jpg

We stayed on the New Jersey side of the Hudson to ensure a view of the renowned Manhattan skyline from our apartment. The humid May air added to the city’s glow.

Times Square.jpg

And within that skyline, is the beating heart of Times Square.


For me, there’s something special about the light in this late Spring afternoon image of Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay.

Singing duo.jpg

An indie sort of singing duo welcomes guests to Sausalito across San Francisco Bay.


Shades of blue. This image (unfiltered by the way) was captured just 30 minutes out of Kamloops from the Rocky Mountaineer.

bald eagle.jpg

This image was posted by Rocky Mountaineer as its ‘Photo of the Month’. While not perfectly sharp, I was pretty happy to snap this bald eagle from a moving train while coping with the demands of a long lens.


These little squirrels seemed to pop up everywhere during this holiday.


While this may not be the most exciting photo from this trip, it’s message about glacial retreat is powerful. Shot at the Athabasca Glacier on the edge of the Columbia Icefield in the Banff National Park, Canada.


The natural cycle - the ice retreats from the shore during the Spring melt on Moraine Lake, Canada.


This curious marmot was virtually using the camera lens as a mirror on Whistler Mountain.

Bear silhouette.jpg

Black bears come out to play as evening approaches near Whistler, Canada.

Bear closeup.jpg

Unperturbed by its proximity to our vehicle.

Best Bear.jpg

My favourite bear image from Canada. Taken near Whistler.

Dolphin leap.jpg

Now I take the leap to Alaska. Sometimes you can just hit the shutter at the right time!


My favourite landscape from Alaska. Photographed several hours after leaving Skagway at the top of the Inside Passage.


An small iceberg makes for a cold mattress, but these guys love them. They’d just fed, as you can see from the traces of blood on the pale seal in the foreground.

Mt Rainer.jpg

The imposing presence of active volcano, Mt Rainier from Seattle Harbour. It is considered the potentially most dangerous volcano in North America due to its close proximity to Seattle. I donned the snow shoes for a private guided climb to the base of the summit.

White Pass.jpg

Atop White Pass after one of the best railway trips in the world.


I could post many more images from North America, but this Alaskan sunset makes a perfect closer for this series.


I took hundreds of photos in North America. If you would like to view others for private or commercial use, please let me know.