Be well briefed and ready to talk.

I bring decades of experience in strategic communications, including scenario planning for crisis management projects, product recalls, and the preparation of communications briefs for CEOs and their executive teams. 

In most recent times, my issues management has focused on positioning in relation to merger activities and status in the financial services sector. Other examples include stakeholder relations in the automotive and travel sectors.


The media release isn’t dead. It’s just less effective.

Journalists are no different to any other audiences. They are interested in a variety of angles and subject areas. Your media program should recognise and service those various needs.

Yes, there will always be a role for the good old media release and I can knock them out and send them places just as well as the next PR person. Many will get a run somewhere, but will it happen in the places you want to be?

There are much better ways of doing PR. Let’s get your story out there.


Writing editorial content, whether in paid or earned media must connect with your core strategy and message.

In my diverse career, my experience in brand narrative and the exploration and development of its underpinning values and beliefs enables me to create editorial that is well targeted and 'on-message'.