The best integrated campaigns make a lasting difference

My career has touched on every aspect of communications from early days in photojournalism to executive leadership roles in corporate communications and marketing. What follows is something of a 'things I've most enjoyed package', which I hope also reflects the diversity of things I have led or inspired. There have been quite a few other things that have been larger in scope and have had much bigger budgets, but I have found it is the small things that have enabled or encouraged others to be better that have been the most memorable.


Equip's platinum award-winning 'MOve the dial'

'Move the Dial' was certainly not the first time the term had ever been used, but it was certainly the first time anyone had applied it to headline a campaign to help educate women about the gender savings gap in Austraiia's superannuation system. The campaign broke new ground in the Australian superannuation industry by delivering an online tool to help women check out how their super was tracking relative to other women and men in the Equip fund.  

The campaign won the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees' overall 'Platinum Communications Award' plus its own category of 'Best Digital Campaign' in 2016. And like most good campaigns, it still endures as the focal point of this important education project today.

Check it out on the Equip website.


an enduring success after 25 years

One of my most enduring legacies is the Australian travel industry's leading awards program, the AFTA National Travel Industry Awards. Having launched it in 1993, I designed and gained sponsorship support  and set a new benchmark for promotion and staging for an event of this type in the industry for over a decade. It is now the industry's premier annual event of its type.

In 1996, I devised the theme 'Where Stars are Born', complete with images of nebulae and, at the suggestion of my graphic designer, the Fibonacci spiral. The theme stuck until I sold the program to the Australian Federation of Travel Agents in 2002. 

I wrote this article on the early history of NTIA for leading travel industry trade paper Travel Bulletin.  


answering an 'sos' call

It was a long time ago, but one of my proudest achievements was developing WWF Australia's theme and communications collateral to support the case for the establishment of the Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales at the International Whaling Council's Fiji convention in 1994. I bannered the campaign 'SOS for Whales' which, at that time, captured the urgency required for agreement on the sanctuary. The IWC agreed to establish the sanctuary at that conference. More of this sort of project ... please!


writing the formula for success

Collaboration with key partners was the means by which I devised a strategy to convert a loss-making venture called Formula SAE into a profitable event within 12 months for the Society of Automotive Engineers - Australasia. This was a complex program for the association, with university teams from across the world having to manage the logistics of building and importing their open-wheel entrants into Australia to compete with our country's best. Formula SAE is an important contributor to developing advanced engineering talent here and around the world.

The program is still thriving today.


believe it or not?

Helped by a late mate of mine, Ian Marshman, my former company was the first to cover a Federal Election on the internet in 1996. Yes, that's me appearing in The Australian which, incidentally, did not have a website in those days (a similar article was carried in the Australian Financial Review, which didn’t have a website either). I've carried that interest in technology and innovation right through into current projects, the most recent of which was to lead the development and implementation of data analytics and marketing automation to establish Equip as a leading exponent of digital communications in the not-for-profit superannuation sector.