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Modern communications is empowered by science. Communications teams draw on diverse skill sets with an increasing number of people working in the field with knowledge and skills in psychology, data analytics, mathematics and technology.

This is all important and enabling, but ultimately great communication is still about crafting language that makes your story meaningful and relevant for your audience. Corporate double-speak and obscurity just don’t cut through the clutter in a crowded 24/7 marketplace.

It’s time to put Verbology to work to bring your story to life.


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Life is about experiences. The wider you look, the more opportunities you see. It is just one of the philosophies I apply to communications thinking.  

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Don't let others knock you off your perch. Take a position and own your territory. This lies at the core of attracting and retaining people to you and your business.

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I am a keen photographer and am indulging a little in this website by publishing some of my favourite images. You'll find images stretching from as far south as Tasmania and north to Alaska. Enjoy!