Verbology is focused on creating unique content for you and your business

I understand that there are a lot of content services out there. Many content agencies crank out metres of material, but it is generic and does nothing to aid the stories you want to tell. Nor does it refer to and project your brand essence to your audience. If you want something unique and special to you, then start by contacting me.


I like creating memorable turns of phrase, catchlines and a story that captures the imagination. Being creative does not necessarily mean moving to the bleeding edge of innovation or taking massive risks. Good creative copy writing pushes the envelope of imagination, recognising the values, constraints and ambitions that define you or your organisation.


I understand the purpose, capabilities and demands of content-hungry CMS, CRM and automated marketing platforms and have headed projects to conceive and develop the data analytics, segmentation and technology architecture that enable organisations.

My focus is to fill those workflows, blogs and campaigns with content that will demonstrate its value in improved connection with your audience.


Visual communication is the language of the web, but dropping the right words into the right context can really enhance that graphic impact.  Depending on your product or service, clear articulation of its benefits can be simplified by clever selection of single words or phrases headlining your website, to more comprehensive, cascading information models to deal with technical or regulatory content. 

No matter what your web requirements, I can work with your digital experts to get your story across.


Digital media has made writing long-form copy something of a rare art. How do you keep people engaged for longer than the length of a tweet, or a 15-second soundbite? Yet writing extended narrative is important in many fields, especially those that are more technical or complex. 

In these instances, educating your audience is critical to enabling their decision to connect and inquire. I offer expert service in this area.


Your success at presenting to audiences large and small is determined by content and style. I can provide both and will work with you to tailor your presentation or formal speech to suit your style. When you present, you will operate within your comfort zone in the language and style that works for you - and your audience.