If your strategy, marketing or PR agency is running a client project and you’re looking to add a communications wise owl to the team, please get in touch. I'm happy to work under your flag, or help to provide your clients with a more comprehensive service in my own right.

relationship management

I place high value on your agency’s introduction to your client and provide a quality of relationship management to both which reflects this. I can assure you that my dealings with you and your client will be conducted in strictest confidence, under agreed rules of engagement and with integrity.


I am happy to work for an agreed hourly fee, or on a project basis.

Depending on the nature of the engagement, I can either invoice either your agency or your client at agreed rates negotiated in advance and according to a documented scope of work. Any change to the SOW and associated billings will be agreed in advance of service delivery.

Terms of payment are 30 days from invoice date. Depending on the scope of work and project duration, some payment may be required in advanced and progressively at project milestones.